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Ruben has been interviewing and surrounding himself with entrepreneurs for the last decade. From the beginning, before the lab was founded, Ruben launched his very first podcast episode with the guidance of one notable entrepreneur by the name of Pat Flynn. Pat is a New York Times best seller and founder of The Smart Passive Income Podcast with over 53 million downloads and at one point ranked #3 overall business podcast on iTunes, ahead of podcasts from well-known public figures and authors, including Oprah, Suze Orman and Jim Cramer.

Similar to Pat's experimentation in his space, Ruben's goal is to capture the journey and the nuggets that his featured real estate investor & entrepreneur guests have had on his show. Most importantly his mission is to learn from their experiments (the good & the bad), apply it and share experiences along with his “investorpreneur” community. Ruben encourages his community to use these experiments in their very own life and situation — a.k.a their very own lab.
Ruben has used this platform to not only learn from people he aspires to be like, but also to inspire those just starting out. He wants to make sure you can also gather the applicable knowledge in the lab so you can apply the experiments and perhaps one day even collaborate...after all, Ruben is all about strategic partnerships and as he always says,



5.0 OUT OF 5

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Tremendous Value!!!

The content on every single podcast is very pure and valuable. This lab is overflowing with jewels and soo much free game from the best of the best that have done it. 

Malik El-Shabazz


Great podcast for real estate investors

Love the podcast because it provides so much value for real estate investors. I love the fact that Ruben always has great guests on the show with a lot of experience. If you are looking to learn more about real estate investing - especially in multi-family - this podcast is for you.



great show with a great premise

love how this show gives current insights from someone “in the trenches”. really relevant takeaways



Great choice if you have any interest in real estate

Ruben is sincerely honest in his real estate journey - he doesn't mask any of the ups and downs and provides a solid account of a range of topics that he has personal experience in. His personality makes it fun to listen to. Strongly recommend this podcast!




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The Real Estate Experiment is a podcast that captures serial entrepreneurs' journey in business and or in real estate from scratch, sharing experiences, insights and lessons being captured along the way in Ruben's lab. Most importantly it's about dissecting the human element and personal development that we experience in business every day. You certainly will pick up value and keys to experiments in your business & life even if you’re not in real estate - but if you are, you’ll get the best of both worlds. This podcast is about experiences and experiments, lessons and insights of experiments that worked and those that didn't from everyday people who were willing to enter the lab and test. I share the lessons and experiments with experiment nation so that we can collectively learn and elevate from the experiments of one another.
"Let's Build."
-Ruben Kanya