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For this reason I started the OPT Mastermind Investor Group and I am the host of the Real Estate Experimentpodcast where I feature real estate investors and entrepreneurs to not only learn from them, but to implement and also share theirinsights with my community so that we can all collaborate and elevate together.

    Founder & Director of Invested Talent, a video marketing agency for Real Estate Investors looking to explode their brand online and repurpose their podcast content.
    A short term rental investor and avid BiggerPockets contributor. I have helped numerous investors acquire small multifamily units to grow their investment portfolios. Many of these investors originated from BiggerPockets. As a matter of fact my first wholesale deal came from a BiggerPockets partnership! It is also where I started building my local masterminds in Georgia, Florida and New York today.
    Licensed Realtor in Georgia. I use my license to help investors INVEST in real estate - specifically in house-hacking and short term rentals. I also leverage my license to get access to deals as a partner involved in real estate development projects.
    I am an avid system builder, I consult clients and fortune 500 companies into building systems. My consulting experiences has ranged from real estate, digital marketing, IT & Investment Banking.
    TEDx Speaker, an avid content producer, I love to share my day to day 'experiments' (the process) with my fellow experiment nation community. I am most active on Instagram, LinkedIn and podcasts where I openly share what I am humbly learning & experimenting while continuously building and leveraging relations with like minded investors & entrepreneurs in my community.



Well, I've been experimenting as an entrepreneur for quite a while now, but what really kickstarted my entrepreneurial spirit was my time as a personal trainer in college at Brandeis University. This was a big deal for me because I've always loved building relationships with people, but now these relationships did four notable things—I call them pillars: (1) They allowed me to have a true connection and impact in people's lives; as a matter of fact, I was taken aback when I read my first testimonials and realized the impact I had on the lives of these individuals. (2) It forced me to continuously keep learning my craft to offer them a better service. (3) It gave me a reason to speak and share my knowledge with others. (4) Most importantly, it helped me build the most genuine relationships and network that I still have today and that has been monumental in this journey called life. Somewhere along the way, between graduation and starting a couple other businesses that had some momentum but ultimately didn't sell, and while working several different jobs as a consultant in IT, I lost track of the four pillars I mentioned above that had given me so much fulfillment. Perhaps I was still seeking them out...


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I realized that I personally needed an avenue to fulfill all four pillars again.The beautiful thing is that all four pillars have the ability to affectand impact others around me the most.

So where does real estate come in? Well for a 28 year old, I can say I've probably had much more diverse experiencesthan a lot of my peers, especially growing up. Part of this is because I spent half of my life in different cities, countries,states—you name it. I've moved more than 16 times to date. This has made me curious and an avid connector by nurtureand nature. Real estate came into my life in my early 20s. I was a resident manager in college for 3 years and was closelyinvolved with property management—which is essentially what I was doing while being a student athlete and majoringin health science and economics.
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Outcome: no one showed up. I humbly re-posted another one and more people incrementally got involved. I am proud to say that we've successfully been hosting these meetups for almost a year and a half. The group’s members are now my partners and I've represented them on deals and/or have closed together—and some are ready to pull the trigger with me on the next deal (share your deals!).

After I graduated, I worked with a general contractor and completely rehabbed a kitchen and bathroom of a residential home, which was my first real get-your-hands-dirty introduction to the field.

In the midst of beginning my consulting career in the corporate world, while still invested in my entrepreneurial side, I started listening to the BiggerPockets podcast and continued reading personal development and business books. I mention BiggerPockets because there's something about information and learning that hits the brain and ignites action and so I did just that. I started engaging in the forums, asking questions, providing value and over time, built a relationship with an investor, we put together our first wholesale deal and created a partnership. I then decided to get my license as an agent with the intention to add value to the marketplace as a solution-oriented investor. I marketed myself as a 'realtor for the investor' and the BiggerPockets community resonated with that by reaching out to me. Periodically, I started representing investors and learning from them, helping them purchase duplexes and triplexes. After numerous follow ups and doing a few open houses for a local multifamily broker, I met a broker mentor who tucked me under her wing and introduced me to the multifamily apartment side of the business. Now remember: I'm learning the side of a broker and the side of an investor in order to be well equipped in the “lab" and and be able to have access, knowledge and insights of the business. I like to be submerged in every aspect (all in!). So I went further, put my insecurity aside and thought, why not start a meetup, even with little experience? I have to stay connected to the people (remember pillar 4). So I turned to BiggerPockets again and brought my younger sister to the first one.

The best part is I documented this from the day the idea sparked into my head (check my Instagram page) because I have a fascination with progress(think personal training):
setting a goal and seeing it work for not only yourself but with people you bring along the way (pillar 1). I want to impact +10,000,001 people. I'd like to take you on this journey with me; I'd like you to join my lab, share some of your experiments with me and I will certainly do the same. I’m constantly seeking experiments that give people applicable knowledge, courage, inspiration and generational wealth (kinda like what BiggerPockets did for me). One thing I know for sure is that none of my experiments or the ones that people share on my podcast have ever been accomplished alone. I'm looking forward to experimenting and growing along with you!


I partner with investors trying to invest, business ownerswho see win/win partnerships (real estate related or not)and brokers multifamily apartment leads.Do any of those apply? Let's find out, reach out.