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Successful Experiments from Real Estate Investors

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Welcome To The Lab!

Your Host : Ruben Kanya

If you believe in learning lessons from true real estate practitioners and entrepreneurs then you've come to the right place! In the lab we feature entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate investors, employees to all come together under one roof to share their lessons (wins and losses) in niched real estate business models that you've never heard of. They've taken on all the risk with their experiments, and they're sharing all of their ingredients so you can implement and do the same in your lab. You're just one experiment away... #LETSBUILD!




Ruben features real estate's most reputable practitioners in his lab so they can share the ingredients to their (good or bad) experiments with the rest of the experiment nation community.



Ruben interviews top business entrepreneurs as he mixes entrepreneurship and real estate knowledge in his lab like salt and pepper.


The Agency

Ruben is the founder and Director of Invested Talent, a video production agency helping real estate thought leaders repurpose their content on multiple social media platforms to grow a reputable brand online.


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Ruben has been interviewing and surrounding himself with entrepreneurs for the last decade. From the very beginning, before the lab was founded, Ruben launched his very first podcast episode with the guidance of one notable entrepreneur by the name of Pat Flynn. Pat is a New York times best seller and founder of The Smart Passive Income Podcast with over 53 million downloads and at one point ranked #3 overall business podcast on iTunes, ahead of podcasts from well-known public figures and authors, including Oprah, Suze Orman and Jim Cramer.
Similar to Pat's experimentation in his space, Ruben's goal is to capture the journey and the nuggets that his featured real estate investor & entrepreneur guests have had on his show. Most importantly his mission is to learn from their experiments (the good & bad), apply it and humbly share these shared experiments along with the experiment nation community. Ruben encourages his community to use these experiments in their very own life and situation - a.k.a their very own lab. His current and most successful experiments are as a short term rental investor while growing a large agency serving real estate thought leaders build a reputable brand with podcast content at Invested Talent.
Ruben has used his platform to not only learn from people he aspires to be like but also inspire those just starting out and most importantly gathering all the applicable knowledge (ingredients) in the lab (wins and losses) so that you can apply them to your very own experiences and contribute the global lab of experiment nation.


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Forming strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.



Building deep rooted connections with top Brokers in emerging markets.


Apartment Owners

Providing resources to apartment owners to collaboratively help each other enlarge our multifamily apartment portfolios.


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Find out why so many companies prefer us over others!

"Ruben was instrumental for me in closing a small multifamily deal in Atlanta. Before that, though, he took the time to understand my goals and what I was looking for in an investment. He talked me through potential different strategies and helped me connect with other great people as well. I look forward to doing more deals with Ruben!"

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Sanjay Shah

"Ruben is a great consultant. When I first met him I was having trouble with the lead generation aspect of my business. He helped me to see where I wasting my time and then gave me detailed documents on questions to ask my sellers. In every encounter, he is always timely and punctual. While also providing me with the best service."

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Amanda Pitts

"Ruben is an all-around class act! He is kind, responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to build relationships. He is committed to excellence in all he pursues. He and I have closed real estate deals and have worked together to grow our network of investor relationships in the Atlanta market. He is a great business partner and even better friend!"

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Dr. Adam Meadows

"If you're looking for a savvy real estate agent/investor, Ruben is your guy. Ruben is not only a good real estate agent but he is a good friend. Ruben was able to assist me close on my first rental property - a duplex (house hack) in a very competitive part of Atlanta's metroplex due to his vast knowledge and his strong team."

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Jason Terrelonge


I partner with investors trying to invest, business owners who see win/win partnerships(real estate related or not) and brokers with short term rentals for sale or to manage.Do any of those apply? Let's find out, reach out.